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Forward: Keep It Between the Lines

One piece of advice I got when learning how to drive was – make sure you watch the center of your lane several car lengths down the road. Watching the road right in front of the car keeps you from seeing important details which are further down the road like deer, things in the road, and other vehicles. If you keep your eyes focused in the lane coming at you, your vehicle may wander into oncoming traffic. The goal of driving is to stay between the lines while getting to your final destination safely.

This advice came back to me as we are now working with our son to get him driving safely by this coming spring. He drives every once in a while as he gets a feel for our vehicles and the roads in our area. Right now he tries to avoid traffic lights and the circle/square in the center of our town. He makes good attempts at both pulling and backing into our driveway and seems to have a good sense for parking although he has not tried to parallel park yet.

As educational office professionals we are often called upon to keep life in our schools moving forward while keeping it between the lines. Some of you may be wondering what this looks like so let me provide some possible pictures:

  • Although you are not the one who enters student grades, you are the one who sends the reminders to the teachers about when they are due. When grades are in you make sure they are sent out to the correct students matching names on papers with the endless list of labels.
  • A bus had a flat tire on the way to school so you are charged with contacting the teachers with the list of students who will be late to classes. You are also fielding the calls from parents about their children because they are getting phone calls and texts saying the bus caught on fire.
  • The end of the financial year is quickly approaching and your office is preparing to run year end reports for the board, auditors, etc. Even though many remind-ers went out over the last few weeks, several teachers drop off receipts and ex-pense reports at the last minute.

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Learning to drive includes classes, driving experiences, and even some tests. Preparation for our roles in the schools includes similar things: classes, workshops, and experience. As with driving, all of our efforts to grow and be our best encourages our positive, forward-looking attitude while helping us to keep our schools heading in the right direction. May the poem below help you keep moving forward while keeping it between the lines.


F oray into a new life adventure
O pen the door and walk through
R un toward something great
W here dreams can come true
A nswer the call for innovation
R ecover purpose and direction
D emonstrate growth and progress
  --Katherine G. H. Reichley, CEOE


Katherine G. H. Reichley, CEOE
President and NAEOP State Membership Chairperson
Educational Office Professionals of Ohio
Asst to the Associate VP for Academic Affairs for Assessment and Accreditation
Office of Academic Affairs
c/o Otterbein University
1 S. Grove St.
Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: (614) 823-1173 Fax: (614) 823-1335

Mission Statement:

The Educational Office Professionals of Ohio is dedicated to promoting professionalism through developing skills, enhancing knowledge, and encouraging growth.

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