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During a recent illness, I had to sit and rest for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and evening while administering medicine. This experience has drawn me to pick up a book from my pile called “Faith & Freedom: The Founding Fathers in Their Own Words” by Robert D. Gingrich. It was published in 2012 and contains short chapters which are self-contained. In other words, it is not a book you need to read from front to back.

Although the book contains some well-known names like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, I have gravitated to the names which were less familiar to me. Some of these include:
Roger Sherman: Master Builder of the Constitution; Connecticut Representative
George Mason: Father of the Bill of Rights; Virginia Representative
John Jay: Father of American Conservatism; New York Representative

They all lived in a very exciting but uncertain time in our country’s history. They were common people who believed life could be better, and they were willing to put aside personal gain in pursuit of a free society for all people. They worked diligently to plead their case with the British government in hopes of resolving the issues peaceably. And, when it was clear their voices had no impact on the other side of the ocean, they rallied together and built a new nation. They boldly stood for their principles even in the face of danger.

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Fortunately, many of the decisions we make today and causes we support do not require we risk our lives or the lives of those we love in order to provide support. But, even though life may seem safer these days, we are still called to stand boldly in our society for those who are less fortunate. As educational office professionals, we are given opportunities to do this every day. As the weather turns colder, how do we treat the child who does not have a coat? How do we respond to the teenager who forgot her lunch money? Are we ready to speak up when we see one student being bullied by another?

Part of what allows us to be effective in creating positive change is to learn as much as we can about a situation which is just what those who started our country did. They studied the rules and laws, gathered ideas and feedback, resourced existing documents, and proposed a new way of life. Be bold this fall and join EOPO.

Bold means not afraid of danger or difficult situations. Source:


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