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EOPO's President 2014-2016

Moving, Growing, and Changing

Collective Forward Momentum is our theme for another year because I think there is more we can learn from moving forward. One of the things this idea says to me is that EOPO is moving. We are not standing still becoming stagnant and ineffective. We are growing and changing to meet the needs of our schools today.

Just in case you had not noticed, schools are different than when we were in school…even if you graduated just five years ago. There are more standards, tighter restrictions, and more people keeping an eye on what you are doing. And, this pattern can be seen from preschool all the way through college.

There was an article in a higher education journal over a year ago that discussed the cost federal regulations, accreditation, and other red-tape had on colleges. Honestly, schools a few years ago did not need someone in a position like I hold today. If you wanted to have classes in a local school district building you made a contract with the school district and that was the end of the story. Now you have to apply to the appropriate state office, your regional accreditors, and report everything to the federal government through the Office of Financial Aid.

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I was recently trying to explain to a friend what an EMIS (Education Management Information System) coordinator does based on my limited knowledge. I am sure those of you who have a part in this job understand how critical all the data entry is to your school district. It impacts the money you receive from the state and other sources. It influences access to student services. It is key to being able to contact the families of your students. What gets entered into a system is critical to the system’s usefulness on the other end.

Our school environments are evolving. We need to embrace change and how it can spur us to move forward. We can determine to keep our skills current and growing. We can vow to learn new things this year with a smile on our face and a positive attitude in our heart. By joining EOPO you took a step in the right direction. This year invite someone from your school to join you on this journey. Share this newsletter, bring a colleague to the fall conference, take an online workshop, or read an educational book. Keep moving forward!


Katherine G. H. Reichley, CEOE
President and NAEOP State Membership Chairperson
Educational Office Professionals of Ohio
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The Educational Office Professionals of Ohio is dedicated to promoting professionalism through developing skills, enhancing knowledge, and encouraging growth.

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